On the 22nd February 2009, my world changed. You would say it was nothing huge, but for me it resulted in feeling lost – floating in a sea of information without a portal to enter. Yes, it was drastic. Fawlty Towers was without the internet. Basil (my kindly landlord) had changed internet providers to a mob in the Phillipines (or Queensland). The result was my loss of contact with the World wide web until it was up and running again.

Oh, the pain. I felt adrift on a sea of non communication. No longer could I check my e-mails, or do my banking.  I could not download my study information, nor could I ‘Stumble’ or blog. I could not write on here! I could not check what others were doing on Facebook, nor could I buy or sell on Ebay. I could not check the weather or the TV guide. I could not visit the forums I enjoy, nor comment on current topics. Alas.

My body became tense and irritable. I felt cross and was snappy with everybody. I was edgy and twitchy. Now I recognised the signs of addiction. My fix was gone. Now, before you visualise me as a geek, I do not spend all day online, you will not see me at 3am crouched over my laptop in the dark with my glasses perched on end of my nose, but I do like to have access to information at my fingertips.

I started to borrow my daughter’s computer for an illicit  10 minutes a day just to check my emails (mostly catalogues and surveys – but they are ‘my’ catalogues and surveys.) I usually have a walk in the morning, and then do some yoga. Next I have a nourishing cup of coffee and check my emails before work. I would feel balanced and informed.  But no, with no warning this routine was changed. I hate routines changing when I don’t change them.

It made me think, dear readers, how the internet has changed our lives. If any of you wonder why I call myself Kayteejay46, then I will now let you know. I was 46 (nine years ago – hard to believe when you see how youthful I look since Fatty four eyes won the fat fight). Kayteejay is an amalgam of the initials of my name. KTJ. Simple. And 46 is how old I was when I saw the flickering light. Thats it.

I embraced the internet with all my heart. Being single and at that stage in my life,  I felt meeting a man would enhance my existence.  I embarke upon the perilous journey of internet dating. Now, the lurid details of that period of time will be in another blog, but I began that day  a journey which changed my life.   Not that ‘mr right’ appeared, but quite a few ‘mr right nows’ entered my life.  I realised the power and potential of this amazing new cyber world. It was the beginning of globalisation for me. In other worlds, my compressed world decompressed and I expanded in my world view.

Ten years later, a lot has changed, I am still  single, but my reliance and attachment to the internet has changed and diversified. If for instance I want to make yogurt, then there will be a recipe online. If I want to make a booking to fly to Sydney – Webjet will show me the cheapest flight with all of the airlines available on that day. Amazing I say. When doing Uni last year, I could be present at a lecture online and talk to the lecturer. Who would have thought.

Anyway. I am back. Basil logged me in and finally ‘Gotalk’ is off and talking. Hallelujah. I feel light and euphoric. Floaty even. Now the WWW is back flowing through my veins I feel alive, in touch with the global community. I had better check to see if Kevin 07 has visited because I just did some online shopping at the Lush soap shop. Eek.
Now, as an afterthought. Can you remember life before your mobile phone, and can you remember getting your pay in a packet and visiting the bank before ATMs became an intrinsic part of society. I can. What difference a decade makes.