p1000806Cats. You either love them or hate them. I love them. Any cat, any time. I do not understand people who do not like cats, in fact I have ended incipient relationships with men who do not like cats, and forgiven much from men with flaws who did like cats.

No, I am not one of those people who have “I love my cat” as a bumper sticker on my car. I have always been drawn to these alloof and tantalising little beasties. I even ‘cat sit’ occasionally (being paid is a bonus) I have been told by several owners that their little moggie darling is untouchable, and only loves them. Like a red rag to a bull, I rise to the challenge, and every time (I think) the said cat becomes a ball of purring, dribbling, paw padding mush. I speak to all cats, I will go out of my way on a walk (up a person’s driveway even) to pat a smug little moggie who will siddle away looking over their feline shoudler as if to say “bet you can’t catch me” hah, but I do. People will soften their demenour if you admire their cat. Old blokes will have a chat over the garden fence if you whisper “puss puss” to their old motheaten, torn eared, balding tom. My sister and I when out for a stroll will lure any moggie to the gate for a pat and a quick admiring word. Yes, it runs in the family. All of the women in our family are besotted with cats.

I have one of my own. Her name is Grace. She is not a ‘pick’ up and snuggle around your shoulder model. She is more of a reluctant leap onto your knee on a winter’s night type. She sleeps on my bed, wakes me at all hours for a snack, shed fur on everything, turns her nose up at expensive food, and very occasionally brings home a bird (dead and maimed of course) I can forgive her anything. I am a big sook as far as my cat is concerned. She can push me much further than most humans can. Why do I love this snooty little gray shorthaired tabby? she doensn’t pay rent, help out, bring in the washing or cook dinner like most house mates. but she provides me with companionship. She talks (I swear), looks at me earnestly, looks attractive in any setting and fulfills the Leo in me. She never wees inside, is tidy and neat and looks beautiful on my mohair rug.

So, I have confessed. i love and adore cats. Now no cat books please, I have most of them. And I don’t really like cutsie cat greeting cards like old grandma’s send, but if they have a funky, 21st century edge, then I don’t mind. And I have enough cat mugs.

Also, I do like dogs. But, I LOVE cats.

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday afternoon