If you are reading this, it is either because you know me and I have e-mailed my details about my new blog to you, or you have come accross it by accident. I have always loved words and writing. I recently finished a Bachelor of Arts through External Studies and came out with a degree in Writing. People have listened to me tell crazy stories about events or happenings and said, “you should write that down” – so now I am. I hope you will enjoy and comment as it is great to get feedback. Like most beginning writers, I am hoping to write s novel. This idea terrifies me, so I thought if I could get used to just putting down funny stuff for friends or rellies to read, then I might get over the massive hurdle of self doubt and write the novel which will make me rich (or at least get me a holiday in Europe)

Apart from that, my bio basic is, I am female, not quite ancient yet, love cats, music, books and friends and family. I am a blessed Nana, and live in a beautiful part of the world. I love writing, telling stories about the funny things that happen to me, and making people laugh. Hope you enjoy my posts.