My flash new tellyMarch 31 marked the first anniversay of the ‘flood event’ here in Coffs Harbour. After a year of turmoil, counselling, anxiety and fear of that particular date, I now feel that it is all finally over. However, on that day, it did rain – and it rained heavily. There were again flood warnings and I spent a day feeling anxious and jumpy. It never happened, and the next day arrived sunny and clear.
During this crazy year, I have managed to reburbish my little flat (thanks to insurance payout) and am enjoying sitting on a big comfy couch and watching my flash new telly. The new bed is fab and I like my new laptop. But I miss the photos of my childhood that are irreplacable and also sometimjes I think “Now where is my old sloppy jumper? …oh yes it died in a sea of mud” or “where is that book of poems…oh yes, it turned into a swollen, sodden pile of stuck together pages”
Yes, there have been some hard times. I had counselling to help me deal with some of the fears and anxieties that developed. The best outcome has been in my spiritual life. Tired of being overwhelmed with anxieties and fears, I started to attend church again and have found that as my relationship with God has developed, I have felt a deeper sence of peace and purpose in my life.
Also, after months of searching, I have started two new jobs – both are extreme contrasts to each other. I am a receptionist for an Alternative Health practitioner for part of the week, and am a Support worker for disabled adults from 18 years upwards. I am enjoying the challenges and meeting new people.
But, my old crazy sense of the world and my weird sense of humour will return in my next post. The kids gave me a bike for Christmas which I am still trying to ride. It has gears – and I have built up a bit of a phobia about it – but am determined to break through. Also, to regain some of my former fitness which has slipped away lately …