Sitting here in the sun with the laptop on my knee. Life is a kind of Limbo at the moment. I have a day off work to recuperate from a cold. I think about the word ‘limbo’. It is a word I first encountered when as a little Catholic schoolgirl I would have my ears battered with a a barrage of unwanted images. Heaven, hell and limbo somewhere as a waiting room for those not quite good enough to go to heaven. Fast forward now fifty years and a retrospective view is that I spend a lot of time in limbo. Heaven is not really a chocolate icecream on a stick. No, its a place where those who have maintained an excellent spiritual status quo in spite of the visitudes of life can plan to spend eternity in the company of God. Sounds like a nice place. Angels, harps maybe and the bliss of  eternal peace. That is the part I like the sound of. Eternal peace.

I have been thinking a lot about the ephemeral nature of happiness. Peace and happiness are close friends. We cannot know happiness without knowing sadness. Life is full of contrasts. Happiness is that almost elusive event that sneaks up and takes you unawares. You cannot manufacture it, sniff it, bottle it or drink it. Sadly many have tried and failed. However, again I digress. Yes, I am living in the limbo of Peggy’s beautiful house. My friend Peggy has had me living here in her spare bedroom for weeks now until my old place is ready once again. For weeks I have enjoyed amazing meals, a hot fire and the beautiful surroundings of trees and a small stream running through it. Visits from birds and animals are a bonus of this limbo. I call it limbo because I am still living out of boxes and bags. I feel content and unsettled at the same time. Like I am on holiday but I still have to go to work. A paradox, some would say.

I have started to receive some cheques from the insurance company so have begun to choose furniture and appliances. Some would love this chance to start again. I must confess that I feel overwhelmed. It is only a small granny flat. How can I get it wrong? A cheque to spend at ‘Freedom Furniture’? What colours? What theme? my daughter suggested that this time I should go for something streamlined without so much clutter. Clutter? I thought it was a fine example of an ‘eclectic mix?’ Anyway – I have always admired Geraldine’s interior design in the ‘Vicar of Dibley’ – yet I hanker for Asian minimalist, city chic or Nantucket beach side.

How did this post go from limbo to home decor? Just an example of the complex way my mind works. But I quess i am unique. I had better rouse myself from my stupor here gazing out at autumn leaves falling into a stream and go and gaze at some catalogues.