Its kind of weird how life works sometimes. This is an example of irony. I am a woman living out of supermarket bags in my friend’s spare room while waiting to find somewhere to live. I have a contents insurance claim pending, and the first item to arrive was a Sony speaker system and amplifier which is top of the range – not the humble little five speaker and sub woofer and amplifier which met their muddy fate five weeks ago as a tide of water submerged my place.
They arrived in two boxes the size of refrigerators, and I had to slip the truck driver a borrowed twenty bucks to redeliver them from work to my sort of ‘home’. No way were these babies going to fit in the stalwart beep beep barina.
I looked on the net and they are worth over a grand. They belong in some amazing home theatre set up in a mc mansion somewhere – not in a humble little granny flat which is really a posh name for someones’ old sleepout which they want to make a few bucks on.
Anyway – Insurance companies. I made a list of the stuff I lost, and this arrived. Even my assessor was baffled as she didn’t even authorise it. So, I took that opportunity to ask her for some cash to buy a handbag, shoes and a few other essentials lost in the deluge. You don’t get cash baby, you get vouchers. Ok – lets hope the vouchers are from establishments where you would normally choose your clobber. Will have to see.

So, I recite the mantra daily ” A granny flat with a bit of style that is affordable and allows my cat” – so I guess it will come – sometime.  Meanwhile, I sort out my piles into supermarket bags. I wonder the garage and look for things like tweezers, black jumper and notes for assignments due last week.  It is a sort of limbo  I just want to flop on my own couch and watch tv. Alas. But, for your amusement, here is an image of my sound system. 🙂htddw7000