flood-picJust a short one, and probably a slap in the face after my moan about dogs, ear plugs and slow drivers. A week ago the Mid North Coast and Coffs Harbour had huge storms and subsequent floods. Many were affected, including my daughter and myself. Here I was at the gym after a morning at work, and then driving home to encounter horizontal rain and roads covered with water. The small wooden bridge near my house went under and I was cut off. My daughter was at home next door and was rescued by a fire truck as she was waist deep in water. I drove back to the childcare centre and picked up my grandson. When she was dropped off totally wet in her pyjammas (she was at computer writing an assignment) she told me my house was also under.
A kind family took us home for two days and fed, clothed and looked after us, helping us to get the clean up started.
My daughter basically lost everything. I was higher up and had a tide of mud come through due to rising water levels and poor drainage.
This is where the fun starts. My carpet and floors were deep in mud. I have lost electrical items and furniture. I rang NRMA with whom I have contents insurance. I listed my items and was given a claim number. They advised me that assessors would come and give quotes. This happened, but then NRMA advised me that they may not pay out as it is a flood, not a storm – and they do not cover floods.
I have been walking around feeling surreal. I have started a new job which requires a lot of energy and brain power. I am staying with a lovely girl friend in her warm dry house and she has even semi adopted my cat. Yesterday I rang up Dodo about the new modem I recieved the day after the storm/flood to see if I could set it up temporarily at my new temporary abode. But no, only if I pay 99.00. Has the world gone mad?
Yes it has. At the end of the call she asked me if I was satisfied with the outcome of the call. Well, go figure!

Even though this is a traumatic time and sifting through all of my totally damaged and irretrievable family photos which lie in sodden lumps on the muddy floor, I think of how kind people have been and of how we are all still alive. My daughter is walking around like a zombie as she has a small child to care for and is a full time student. She lost her text books, her computer is damaged but she is in a crucial year at Uni so she has to stay there.

Yesterday I snuggled into the neck of my little four year old grandson and thought – we have lost a lot but being alive and having our loved ones alive is the most important thing of all.

PS the picture is of the fire truck that rescued Hannah, and our home was a few  metres to the right of the picture.