I have not posted for a while because I am still waiting for my new modem with a newISP,  so am on dial up – but to avoid the sad RIP of a ‘dead’ blog, I thought I better get some words down.  I could write about the unsuccessful journey I have endured with Big Pond, but will save that for another time.

Anyway, I was thinking about things that happen apparently randomly, but still frequently enough for us to think that they are our own special crosses to bear. Maybe life has lessons we still need to learn, and in that case I have at least three which keep raising their ugly heads to challenge my peace of mind.

Firstly, why is it that people feel compelled to drive at least 5 or 10 kms lower than the speed limit in areas where no one can overtake them.  This happens in spite of vividly displayed speed limit signs. It happens frequently to me on a road that is 80kmph. It has only one lane. My little Barina and I get excited because we can let go and drive fast for ten minutes or so  – but alas no, in front of me there is a little put put driver who is sauntering along at snails pace for seemingly no reason at all. They are blissfully ignorant of the build up of traffic behind them. It is times like this that I wish my little car had a flame thrower installed which I could use to scorch their bumpers into some propulsion. Of course it is not the P platers or L platers – they are too busy driving heedlessly at 90kms because they think they are invincible.

And why is it, that at the dawn of time when my physiology was being designed complete  with a sharp wit and thick ankles, that I was also given a right ear hole which was created to not hold onto a yet to be invented  Ipod Suffle ear bud ? I ponder this odd fact as I pound the pre dawn pavements at 5.30 am for my morning walks. I have no hand spare, one is holding a bottle and the other a torch, so no spare limb is available to keep shoving the ear bud back into my right ear. While my left ear and the ear bud have formed a lovingly mutually symbiotic  relationship in which they cling together tightly, my rebellious right ear spurns the approach of the little circular piece of plastic and so it therefore dangles uselessly onto my shoulder. I keep stuffing it back in, but the strains of Massive Attack or Basement Jaxx which propel me forward are interupted and I long for a spare hand to shove it back in.

And finally, why is it that people buy and keep a ‘pointless dog’? A pointless dog is so called by me because it is bought on a whim, and then is relegated to a lonely and cold existence in the back yard where it barks either in a deep baritone, or sharp staccato yaps whenever I am nearby. In a world full of unwanted noise, I like to choose the noise I listen to, and yet I am surrounded by dogs whose entire motivation in life is to bark at anything and everything – not for a minute or two, but for hours. Now, I like dogs, but prefer cats as they are reasonably silent. I feel sad for dogs which are confined and understimulated. A happy pooch is part of a family and has an interactive and purposeful life. The poor old pointless dog is just a barking poo machine and I feel sorry for it. I think owners of dogs need to realise that dog ownership is a commitment, much like that of having children, and it should be taken seriously.

But enough of the moaning. These are my main bugbears at the moment. It would take a whole blog to get my next one down – but I will give you a hint. Those people with self imposed eating regimes that impact negatively on those around them…” I will have a skinny latte on soy with organic coffee half strenth with extra froth in a bone china mug with no toxic glaze kiln fired in Lithuania…”